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Théophile & Patachou: story of a passion


It was in Belgium, a few kilometers from Brussels, where Théophile & Patachou were born in the spring of 1994.

The new brand is the fruit of the meeting of Isabelle Thys and Didier Melotte. Recently graduated from a top marketing school and passionate about fashion, Isabelle Thys was at the time looking for a challenge that could match her enthusiasm and passion. Didier Melotte, a designer and stylist, worked for his parents’ textile firm. He learned his art through the collections and fine fabrics that the family business supplied to the most prestigious stores of the time.

Passion and savoir-faire came together and gave birth to a new quality label 100% dedicated to the world of the baby: Théophile & Patachou.



Right from the start, the objective was clear: to create an exclusive line, a timeless style, using only the most noble and natural materials of the highest quality. The first collections of bath towels, cuddly toys, layettes and gift boxes were an immediate success in Belgium, a market renowned as one of the most demanding in style and quality.

Very quickly, awareness of Théophile & Patachou crossed frontiers and steadily conquered France, Spain and Switzerland, followed by other European markets. In the mid-2000’s the brand set out in conquest of markets beyond European shores. Every year, new markets in the four corners of the world embrace the design and quality of Théophile & Patachou collections.


T&P timeline


1994: Birth of the brand: creation of the first trousseau and the famous deco bear that has become the brand emblem.

1995: Creation of the first set of bed linen.

1997: Launch of the first complete baby’s bedroom.

2000: Beginning of exports in Europe

2003: Beginning of expansion beyond Europe.

2007: Creation of the concept of the Théophile & Patachou boutique.


T&P timeline


2008: Opening of Théophile & Patachou flagship store in Dubai.

2009: Opening of the department store in Zurich. Launching of the mother-baby jewellery line and leather changing bags.

2010: Opening of flagship stores in Saint Petersburg and Istanbul. Inauguration of the new Théophile & Patachou headquarters in a brand-new building in Wavre (Belgium).

2011: Opening of the Théophile & Patachou flagship store in Brussels. Referenced in Harrods of London.

2012: Launch of the Théophile & Patachou alcohol-free eau de toilette.

2013: Opening of the 51 East department store in Qatar. Arrival of T&P in Asia with the opening of a flagship store in Taipei (Taiwan)…




Creator of a world of fashion for early childhood, Théophile & Patachou creates, produces and distributes a range of furniture, clothing and accessories which enables a demanding clientele to prepare the ideal cocoon, worthy of receiving their much-awaited baby. Exclusivity of style, quality of materials and refinement of finishing make Théophile & Patachou the assured choice for one of life’s most beautiful experiences.




Every child is unique, exclusive... and so is every interior. In a world where everything is continually questioned, it is essential – when thinking about baby’ wellbeing – to be able to return to values which are real, beautiful and enduring.

Théophile & Patachou creates an exclusive and elegant cocoon which befits every child. Classical, contemporary or a little retro, Théophile & Patachou collections enable future parents to choose the line that best integrates with their décor.

From furniture and accessories to cuddly toys and layettes, Théophile & Patachou brings out the design, materials and details which transform every object carrying its name into a brand of elegance.

More than a choice, Théophile & Patachou is an art de vivre.




For Théophile & Patachou, exclusivity of style and quality of materials must give birth to refined products which stand out and become part of the culture of beauty.

Research, refinement, aesthetics and extreme quality characterize each collection. As does safety of the child; in addition to comfort of use, all furnishings, soft toys and clothing assure absolute safety in use.

Respectful of our planet and concerned for the future of our children, Théophile & Patachou is a responsible ecological player that opts for natural materials.

Théophile & Patachou selects its distributors in Europe and throughout the world with the utmost care, aiming to create quality partnerships that provide customer service beyond comparison.


Théophile & Patachou

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